An opening space

Some people love relaxing outdoor. Therefore, designing an opening space in your house is a perfect idea. Here are several ways to create your own relaxing outdoor space in your house.

Choose neutral-colored-items for your space.

White sofa together with beige carpet is A perfect combination and it makes your space more flexible. In the summer, you can bring atmosphere of beach to your house by decorating your space with items of beach. You do not need to pay a large amount of money to refresh your house by this way.

Choose neutral-colored-items for your space

 Use your porch as a convenient opening space.

Your porch will be a great room with interiors such as chandeliers and decoration. It would be a comfortable place for family time in rainy days. Instead of sofas, carpets, you could place a table dinner with candles on it. Making your evening cozy and different by eating dinner outdoor.

Use your porch as a convenient opening space

A small garden:

It’s hard to find a fresh place in the city. Why don’t you think about creating that place in your own house? With a small yard or balcony decorated with plants and flowers, you could have a green place to work out among this city (1), enjoy tea every morning, read books. A garden is not only a relaxing space, but also a charm to bring luck to your family.

Despite houses or apartments, creating a green place in your house is completely easy. A small garden could make your life more interesting and relieved after a hard-working day. For people who love nature, a garden is also an entertainment. At the end of working day, watering and taking care of plants could make you feel peaceful.

A small garden

Creating a green place in houses is now a trend. It not only could keep your house fresh but also help to decorate it. Nowadays, garden is classified to be an important part in designing houses. Some families often spend their time at weekends and prepare to go on camping (2) in the garden even it is small because they feel relaxing when plants bring nature and fresh atmosphere into their houses.

It’s impossible to spend a large amount of time on gardening. Here are some tips and solutions for you to make your own relaxing and smart garden.

  • Hanging pots or hanging garden is a solution for planting trees on balcony.
  • Try to recycle all your old things and use it as pots or shelves for your plants. Garden on the wall is also an amazing idea that you should try.
  • Garden on the wall has been applying throughout Asia for several years and it is now applied in Vietnam. This kind of garden doesn’t need a lot of area; however, it still plays as a very unique decoration.

A small garden1

  • Divide the area: How to divide the area but not to make them smaller? It is easy as a piece of cake. Use different kinds of dirt to have your divided in several parts.
  • Smart plants: Choose flowers or plants that do not require a lot of time for taking care. You can use bamboo because they could be fresh the whole year.
  • A tip for designing your garden is to adjust the height of leaves. Give your own garden a combination between different height of leaves and plants.

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