How to prepare for A CAMP

Nothing is more perfect than spending your holiday on going camping. Camping is not only enjoyable but you also can exercise after working days with some sports in camping activities. Nevertheless, it is not easy to organize a safe and ideal camp. No worries! These following tips will guide you how to make your camp safe and most amazing ever

1. Research the campsite:

First of all, you have to choose the campsite which has the most appropriate terrain, environment and weather for your endurance. Make sure that the surrounding area and the way to your campsite is safe. You should choose the campsite that is managed by a governmental or non-governmental organization. National Parks could be the most suitable campsite for you. Some campsites doesn’t allow you to camp overnight. These are some tips for you to choose the most appropriate campsite.

Research the campsite

Research the campsite

2. Prepare essential stuff

When you go camping, you have to be ready for all situations, especially in the forest or on the river bank.  A waterproof backpack is a good idea to protect your stuff. Tent is the most crucial thing you have to bring with because it would be a great shelter in any conditions. In addition, a sleeping bag could give you a comfortable sleep to boost up the energy after hiking for entire day. Flashlight is another important thing as you can go anywhere within the light.

Prepare essential stuff

Prepare essential stuff

In every journey or explore, condoms might be the most necessary things. You could use it as a garrote to stop the blood flowing, blow it up to contain devices such as smartphones, camcorders, etc.

Don’t forget to bring the must-bring stuff for your ideal camp.

3. Bring appropriate clothes

Pervious clothes are more comfortable and easy to wash. Bring two or three T-shirts or jeans to wear. Don’t bring too many clothes because it could make your backpack heavy.

Don’t forget to bring a jacket or scarf in case the weather is suddenly cold. A raincoat or an umbrella should always be in your pack. Make friends with sneakers because they are the most important things to your trip. Research the area condition first to make sure you will bring the most suitable clothes for a journey.

Bring appropriate clothes

Bring appropriate clothes

4. Don’t forget medicine

You do not know what would happen during your trip. Prepare some basic medicines in case you have accidents. If you go camping in the forest, remember to bring insect protected cream. A sleeping bag or tent might not keep you safe from dangerous insects.

Moreover, First Aid Kit must be brought with you anywhere, anytime.

5. Food

Bring junk food that contains high amount of energy such as bread, instant noodles, cookies, candies. Vitamin C might be necessary to maintain your physical condition if you go on a long-day trip. Water should be with you at any time.

6. Maintain your personal hygiene

It is hard to find a place to wash your body when you go camping. However, if we are dirty, many dangerous diseases will attack you. Bring wet tissues or hand wash and make sure your clothes are clean. Examine the water source to guarantee that it is fresh enough.

7. Make your camping ideal and green

You wouldn’t want your camp is full of quarrelling. If you go with a group of friends, try to choose a leader. The leader will connect members and manage the activities. He or she will be the one considering all the pros and cons and then give the last decision.

When you go camping, please follow the trails in order not to damage the natural scenes. Moreover, follow the rules of safety so as you won’t be in danger or trouble. Try to make the area clean by not littering. Besides, light the camp fire in the limit that is allowed to avoid dangerous situation might happen. Remember to protect the wild animals additionally.

Make your camping ideal and green

Make your camping ideal and green

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