Outdoor Party

Nothing is greater than spending a whole weekend relaxing outdoor. And a party is the most interesting idea. Have your leisure time used for dancing, singing, being with family or friends by the pool without thinking about papers seems wonderful. However, organizing an outdoor party is not an easy work. Do not worry ! These two followings will be great suggestions to make your weekend better than ever.

  • Potluck party:

Potluck is a meal or a party to which each of guest contributes a dish. It is a great idea when you would like to have a party but not having enough time to prepare for all the food. Moreover, potluck party is also a good time to connect each member of family to relatives. Besides, potluck can be expanded by inviting some of your favorite neighbors, which help to maintain relationship between family and them.

Potluck party

Potluck party

Being a host of a potluck party seems easy, but the hardest task is to make all your guests feel comfortable and willing to bring their dishes. Additionally, you need to make sure that all the dishes brought to the party is adequate. An overwhelmed amount of food could make your party a disaster and all the guests do not want to go home with starving stomachs, also. The party with only wine and desserts could make your guests go home sooner.

So if you would like to have a potluck party organized with variety of food. Try Google Docs. Just create an outline of what you would like your guests to bring (for instance: 3 appetizers, 2 salads, 4 main dishes, etc.) on Google Docs and then shared with your guests. Then your guests will answer directly to your doc the dishes they will bring. Others will know what dishes have already been and choose another one to contribute. This is a great way to make sure all the guests don’t just bring cokes and wine, for example !

Potluck party2

If you are worried about cooking abilities of your guests, choose the guests whom you know well about their abilities to assign a dish. However, this way is only able to the guests whom you have already had a certain relationship such as close friends or relatives.

Another problem is the appetite of guests. Your best friend is a vegetarian but most of dishes are meat. What would happen ? Your friend may sit quietly for the whole party time or just saying hi to you and immediately go home ? So, again, try to make your party have multiple kinds of dishes to satisfy all your guests. In addition, try to make all the dishes be a balanced combination of nutrition. Too much protein could make the guests feel nauseous.

Potluck party3

  • Barbecue party:

Throwing a BBQ party is also another great idea for your weekend, especially summer is coming soon. A party BBQ on your garden will boost up your mood after a hard-working week. BBQ party is also a crucial part of a camping trip on your backyard if you would like to have a night outdoor at weekend.

The most important thing of a party is a theme. If your party is organized in the summer, try to bring items of beach to your backyard. A party beside the pool is a better idea for hot summer time. Different from usual could make your party the best than ever.

Barbecue party

Barbecue party

The second important thing is the menu. No one would like to go to the party just for standing and talking. Similar to the potluck, you have to make sure your BBQ party having a sufficient amount of food. Besides the grill, you should have your best induction cooktop to cook other dishes. Even though a BBQ party focus on the grill meat but do not forget the appetizers as well as desserts. The changes of taste will make your party more colorful. Try to keep your party having plenty dishes with variety of tastes. You can also search for some interesting dishes on Internet.

Barbecue party2

Moreover, a party could not be lack of entertainments. If you have a pool, it would be a perfect place for entertaining. Organize some games or small competitions for your guests. Having great time together will connect your guests together as well building further relationships with your acquaintances.

Barbecue party3

One more important thing is the kids. Children are the crucial factor to keep your party being fun and active. However, they might be a big problem. If your party includes kids, try to create a private place for them to play together. Preparing special dishes for them could help them not to mind their parents.

Barbecue party4

In conclusion, planning a party is an easy work if only you consider all the important factors. After all, the feelings of the guests will be your happiness. Make sure your friends always the best time on your backyard.

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